Jun 20

An LMS or Learning Management System is a software which assists the users with e-learning programs by hosting, managing, organising and evaluating the web-based courses for the learners. Like the spine of e-learning system, LMS p... Read more

Jun 19

With a pile of innovation and ideas generating everyday, it is impossible to strum a friendly chord with all the concepts and tools that the age of internet has to offer. You may be reasonably comfortable with the browsers and soc... Read more

Apr 09

We have all gone through days were designing each assessment and grading them individually with feedback was a time-consuming process. The difficulty of organizing, managing and standardizing assessments either for your train... Read more

Apr 05

Why is there a need for Social Learning?People today are no more restricted with their family and neighbors. Addiction to social sharing and exposing themselves on different media channels has expanded the pool of relationship wit... Read more

Apr 03

The need for a Learning Management System eventually develops as the organizations grow. However, the decision to build one yourself or buy from another service provider puts the organizations in a dilemma... Read more

Mar 29

Getting most in FY-18-19 from your training functionWe have been seeing the misbalance L&T personnel are experiencing in their training function, going over and above the budget lines. Organizations are still struggling with t... Read more

Mar 26

Retail industry has been emerging as one of the fastest and dynamically growing sector in developing markets of world, generating nearly 8% of employment in Indian market as pointed out by researchers. According to Forbes report,&... Read more

Mar 12

Successful are organizations whose prime motive of being advanced and efficient is met in line to market requirements. Managing organization wide training using an E-learning Platform has been going in trend. Large organizations c... Read more

Feb 21

Considering the dynamic business world scenario, no corporate could stand static and work in isolation. Constant changes and updates are vital principles behind their success, thus making the workforce complied with the organizati... Read more

Feb 15

When we talk of hospitality businesses, considering each category of hotel, restaurants, bars, cafe, humans play a major role in carrying forward the daily operations. Moving in light of service industry employee competencies draw... Read more

Feb 02

The usage of Cloud has drastically got increased in past few years. From Google’s drive to Apple’s I-cloud, storing data on internet server has become the trend. With the evolution in technology the world of cloud hosted platforms... Read more

Jan 30

Organizations have been relying heavily on classroom based, instructor-led training, since ages, investing huge on logistics costs additionally in traveling and accommodation expenses, making training an expensive activity. If we... Read more

Jan 23

Videos have been gaining momentum in all spaces, may it be in an advertisement, entertainment, or learning. They are becoming staple for all generations, demanding less of cognitive skills from learners.The fact to which we all wo... Read more

Jan 19

Today’s market is no more limited with the geographical boundaries of the countries, irrespective of the industry it belongs to. Organizations have been developing and growing globally, adopting technologies and resources; helping... Read more

Jan 09

With the growing usage of mobile phone supported by Digitization, Microlearning is gaining popularity in E-learning market. Corporate have been incorporating it for imparting training as quick-bites, which are easy to digest and k... Read more

Dec 29

The percentage of organizational profit is directly proportional to the productivity of its employees. Today, employees need to remain well informed about all organizational processes and information which creates an impact on the... Read more

Dec 26

Games gives you a purpose, rather a compulsion for getting the end results.Gamification is not only about introducing playfulness and fun elements during the learning process, rather a theory of game-based learning, which develops... Read more

Dec 21

Mobiles have replaced technologies in all spheres of human life. From being a simple calling device to a messaging machine, and then a replacement of Personal computers, laptops, cameras, it has made its existence unparalleled.Maj... Read more

Dec 07

Customer service is one such aspect which separates a thriving company from those who fail. It has taken a special place in companies, contributing directly in building competitive advantage.Customer service is no longer an entry-... Read more

Nov 30

“It takes 20 years to build a reputation and five minutes to ruin it.” — Warren BuffettThere is no denying on the importance of training in organization irrespective of its size and industry. In order to make training experience d... Read more

Nov 24

The world is accelerating at a fast pace and so is the trends in learning industry. From classroom to CD-ROM, to intranet and now towards cloud-based, learning industry has transformed drastically. As a result, a variety of new co... Read more

Nov 20

Software training, “No more a challenge”-Using LMS for training employees.Organizations use various software such as SAP, HRMS, service tool, and so on… for executing their everyday functions. Integrating technology with... Read more

Nov 17

Coaching is unlocking a person’s potential to maximize their own performance. It is helping them to learn rather than teaching them-Timothy GallweyYour sales team is the one, responsible for bringing the brand to customers. They c... Read more

Nov 08

Knowledge has been taking a special space in all of our life. Whole of the economy has been taking a shift towards Digitization rather than only depending upon traditional resources.Historical boundaries of every busines... Read more

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